]Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book

Heart disease incidence in Mediterranean countries is proven to be lower compared to that in United States. In fact, even rates for death are lower, too. Today, there are a growing number of people who are very much concerned of their health. Who would not be anyway? These people who paid closer attention to what they eat on a daily basis improved their well being and their general health then. One secret is taking Mediterranean Diet Menus as part of their dietary decisions

There is a cut risk of cancer and heart disease once the person will stick to Mediterranean Diet. This is not a lie. From the statement of American Heart Association, the death rate dropped by 25 percent since the application of the Mediterranean diet. This also explains why findings by Trichopoulos proved that Asians who use these Mediterranean health principles have lower disease, too. They may rarely use olive oil but they stick with minimal processed grain, less saturated fat and lots of produce like nuts and legumes. It is consistent with other findings and the message reach across other part of the globe. A diet with low in saturated fats and rather high in monounsaturated will result better health outcomes. Added to that is polyunsaturated foods.

Some information and researches were supported by The New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health and some scientist and directors in Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory. So, there is really evidence why Mediterranean Diet Menus can aid in reducing cancer, weigh gain and heart disease as a whole. The diet allows creativity and taste which other