While the Mediterranean diet is named after the almost enclosed sea in southern Europe and northern Africa, the diet is actually heavily inspired by traditional 1960’s Greek and Italy cuisine. The Mediterranean diet now, as it is, is heavily believed to cause weight loss for as early as 2-4 weeks, prevent incoming heart attacks and even studied for preventing weight loss. Make no mistake though: There is no one way to the Mediterranean diet. There is only a philosophy, so here it is:

Eat Regularly

Fish. The Mediterranean diet is all about seafood as the main source of protein. Substitute seafood with nuts and legumes every now and then. It’s also highly recommended for you to eat vegetable regularly. Pro tip: there are many cheap Mediterranean diet recipes books you can get online and your local bookstores.

Extra Virgin Coconut oil is the main source of fat while whole grains and potatoes are the main sources of carbohydrates. Sizzle it up with bread on an off day. Also, make sure to add in lots of herbs and spices to your food.

Eat Moderately

Cheese. Every now and then your salad of choice can have cheese in it, but don’t make this food group a mainstay to your diet. Same with eggs and poultry. You can have chicken at least once a week or two weeks, roasted or grilled preferably. For dessert, go for yogurt. The Greek kind is best but you can have any yogurt available at hand. Make sure to pepper in some of these food groups in your diet in moderation.

Eat Rarely

Red meat. That means pork, beef, venison, etc. In the Mediterranean diet, red meat is considered an indulgence. Only feast on this food group at most twice or thrice a month. Lesser than that, the better.

Eat Never

Added sugar. Sugar-sweetened beverages, juices, and processed drinks are a no go. That means no Starbucks or milk teas you on the horizon. Even powdered fruit drinks are prohibited. Sweet teas as well.

Any processed food or meat is also a no-no. Hotdogs and sausages are suspect but there are delis where you can get them in poultry or seafood. Lookout for refined grains and oils as well. May vegetable oils are commonly refined such as canola, sunflower, grapeseed, corn, etc. Refined grains are any grain that’s significantly modified to alter its original form. The most common ones in the market are pasta, white rice, rice cakes, noodles, etc.

For recipes, you can do under the Mediterranean diet, get a Mediterranean diet recipes book.