Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book

Have you been scanning the internet lately for some recipes you need to help make your weight loss program work? Don’t waste your time searching far and wide as there’s one guide useful to the weight-conscious. A Mediterranean diet recipe book is a must-have for anyone who’s interested in enjoying food while keeping a well- trimmed and fit body. Here, you can find a wide array of recipes that are largely plant-based. These recipes are healthy for the heart since they only make use of lots of fruit, vegetables, fish and wine, and only small amounts of red meat or dairy products.

From the recipe book, you can choose to prepare meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for refreshments. Create amazing blends of fruits and veggies for your salads topped with different nuts. Or enjoy a refreshing drink by combining your favorite veggies and fruits. Now isn’t this a delightful and effective way to lose weight?

The recipes are rich in olive oil which is high in unsaturated fats that offer protection against heart problems. But even healthier fats like olive oil and oil from nuts are high in calories, so remember that you only use them moderately. When preparing your Mediterranean meals, avoid using fatty foods like butter and margarine to make your meals truly healthy. Without the saturated fats, who wouldn’t lose excess fats?

One important advice, though. If you want to keep your olive oil at its best quality, store it in dark cupboard at room temperature or even in your refrigerator. Why? Because exposing it to heat, light and air affects its taste as well as its health-promoting nutrients. In case you’re not aware, the fats and healthy phyto-nutrients in olive oil, as well as the taste can slowly degrade over time if not stored properly. Remember that anything manufactured has its expiry. And with olive oil, it should be consumed within a year or six months after the bottle has been opened.

If you care for your heart and health, prepare only meals from the Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book. It surely cuts 30% off of your chances of getting heart attack.